Light Straw Clay Infill Home Under Construction

Our primary focus for residential engineering is on homes with owners that have goals rooted in nature’s principles.  Be it improved energy efficiency, natural and healthy materials, or carbon sequestering and reduced material usage, we strive to be your engineering partner. 

  • Timber frame and heavy wood construction
  • Optimum Value Framing
  • Reduced concrete foundations such as rubble foundations
  • Insulated concrete forms, such as Faswall, for both foundations and walls

In addition, we see the value and restorative nature of traditional, vernacular and classical designs.  These buildings often use natural materials, finishes and ornament that require a specialized understanding of how to integrate the structure without compromising the overall design.  Timeless Structures was founded, in part, to fill-in this under-served area.

In addition to new homes, we also perform engineering for remodels.  We are particularly versed in historic construction techniques and materials.  So, we can assist you with designs related to you or your client’s older home.